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An Educational Genocide

An explosion took place in front of the Sayed al-Shuhada girls’ school in one of the remote slums in western Kabul on Saturday. The incident frightened everyone and drew students’ families closer to the event. The second explosion occurred just as parents were anxiously looking for their children. The sadness of the loss of each … Continued

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India’s COVID-19 Crisis In The Eyes of a 17-year-old Indian Poet

A beautiful day, out with a couple of friends Before the lockup that took them away A delicious cup of coffee that soothes every soul in vicinity A cup that has little effect today for the one soul that drinks it A lovely dinner date with a person, closer than a friend yet far away … Continued

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Interview with Paola Alvardo, CARE

This is an interview with Paola Alvardo, a CARE team member who works to tackle gender-based violence in Ecuador. Can you explain your role at CARE in detail? I’m working as a psychologist for women and girls in the south near Machala, Ecuador. I give immediate assistance to women who have experienced gender-based violence. I … Continued

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Madina’s Thoughts on the Arrival of Taliban

The Taliban come only to oppress the people and regain power, and the beginning of this repression is freedom of expression. When there is no freedom of expression, fear spreads everywhere and no one can speak, and women are trapped within the four walls of religion, imprisoned. Women become only sexual tools in the hands … Continued

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If the stone is not on the way, I can shine

My gender, and the fact that my eyes are shouting for peace, the right to ask for a little rest on my earth. The faces of the girls and women of my homeland cry out of exhaustion. Their smiles are attached to the day when the sound of iron pieces no longer comes and they … Continued

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