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Noor’s* Story

I’m Noor*. I’m 28 years old. I was born in poverty in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. My father was the only breadwinner of our family. My father was a gardener who was keeping the house of one of the officials of the previous government while Hamid Karzai was in power. In 2014 my … Continued

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Farah’s Story

Hello, my name is Farah.* I’m an Afghan girl. I had just been accepted to university to study engineering. I have worked hard to succeed. And whenever I went to university, I felt proud, and I wished that one day I could participate in an international organization as a representative of the youth of my … Continued

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Places I May Never See Again

On August 15, 1400, the last province to be surrendered to the Taliban by our traitorous leaders was Mazar-e-Sharif. However, I still hoped that Kabul might not collapse. Early in the morning, my siblings went to the nearest bank to get money, and I was going to university. Although I was afraid of the recent … Continued

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My Side of the Story – A Young Palestinian Woman Recounts This Year’s Eid Under the Sound of Bombs

I can still remember the day my mom told me that my Grandfather read Quran verses around our house daily. Maybe he had to do this after the 1948 catastrophe, when the Israeli forces forced them to leave the house they were born in and spent their entire childhood, as well as their youth. Sleeping … Continued

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An Educational Genocide

An explosion took place in front of the Sayed al-Shuhada girls’ school in one of the remote slums in western Kabul on Saturday. The incident frightened everyone and drew students’ families closer to the event. The second explosion occurred just as parents were anxiously looking for their children. The sadness of the loss of each … Continued

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