Am I a girl?

Today, one of my friends congratulated me that today is International Girl’s Day
Congratulations! I thanked her with a painful smile and from the depths of this broken and fragmented heart
Is today a girl’s fast?
I do not know
Am I a girl too?
It’s strange for me
I’m a girl, right?
I am supposed to congratulate girls today
Hey people!
What do I have as a girl?
I looked in the mirror and I saw a tired face that might be a man, maybe a woman, or maybe any creature that exists in this world, but not a girl.
So what am I?
I do not know
Is this what a girl looks like?
Tired and yellow face with dry lips and eyes full of pain and innocence
There were days when there were girls who laughed with butterflies and their feet shook with the strength of their soul
The wind blew and the leaves of the trees fell for them
Once upon a time, girls were spinning, singing, breathing and talking about the sound and atmosphere of freedom.
I’m a girl, right?
So why aren’t my lips laughing? I want to laugh but it’s not free
I do not see enthusiasm in my eyes
I’m a daughter!
So where is my girlish feeling?
Where are my laughs?
Where are my wings?
Where is my freedom?
Where is my hope?
Where is my bright face?
Where are my eyes full of thousands of joys and desires?
I’m out of breath, I’m sad I do not know where I am on earth,
I have lost my hopes
I have lost my face
I have lost myself
My throat is stuck
I do not know what I am or where I belong
I’m tired

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